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Answers to the most popular questions

We are a company selling used wheels. We have been restoring wheels since 2016, we try to bring them back to a new condition, but many wheels are over 20 years old and this means that the rims have natural scratches from age and wear and everything that was with the rims. Next, we will try to answer the most popular questions! If you have any questions that we haven't answered, please contact us via email or Instagram!

About shipping to USA, Canada and Europe

How long does shipping take?

Shipping takes 5 -11 days! on average, you will receive your set 10 days after shipping! We use the fastest and most reliable company (dhl) for shipping!

How long does it take to send an order?

We understand that you need to get a set as soon as possible! Therefore, the assembly and packaging of the set takes 1-2 working days!

Additional fees and customs duties


There are no fees and customs duties for the USA! We offer free shipping! You don't have to pay anything else! We handle all customs documents ourselves! Thus, it is very easy to receive a parcel from abroad!


There are small customs fees for Canada (sometimes there are none)! We also process all customs documents for Canada ourselves! and it is also easy for you to receive a parcel from abroad! We offer free shipping!

European countries

There are customs fees for European countries! We make documents for delivery to your country, but sometimes customs may contact you for more information! Also, there are no problems with delivery ! We offer free shipping!

About price and payment

The price of the decree is in US dollars for a full set of wheels (4 pcs) or faces. 

The purchase is carried out only through our website! There you will receive your order number and a little later a tracking number for tracking. (we will send the track number to your email specified when ordering)

About the product

You get exactly the same product as in the photo, completely ready to use!

In some photos there are no air valves and nuts

For the photo, we do not fully assemble the wheels (you may want to change the complexion), so there are no nuts in the photo! But when ordering, we fully prepare the wheels for use, all nuts and air valves are installed on the wheels!

I didn't fit the wheels on the car do you have a refund?

We do not have a refund, as shipping between countries is very expensive and may exceed the cost of wheels! therefore, we try to give more information and measurement about the product!

Thank you for taking the time to read this text! Excellent wheels for you to build your projects!

P.S. Also in our instagram you can find reviews of our customers!

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