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Care of threepiece wheels


To keep your wheels looking great for as long as possible, regular maintenance is essential. Cleaning from brake dust, road dirt. Generally polished lips require the most attention and care as they are polished aluminum! Faces are more resistant to dirt as they are powder coated.

I advise not to use active foam with high alkaline content for wheel washing. It is better to use only water and a sponge (special wheel cleaners may be used). Active foam will rub off the polished layer and may also cause a rash on the lips!

In this blog I will talk about my own experience with three piece wheels and care!

To care for a set of wheels you will need: water, sponge, synthetic suede, polishing paste (I used Doctor Wax Metal polish), microfiber.

The algorithm is quite simple, but I recommend washing in the shade, without sunlight.

First, wash the wheels with water and a sponge (you can apply a special detergent for wheels). Then keep the water dry, for this we need a synthetic suede. We remove the water droplets from the polished lips, I do this in the shade so I have time to wipe my lips before they dry in the sun.

After I removed all the water from the wheels and waited for them to dry, I proceed to the application of polishing paste (after application it forms a protective layer and gives shine to polished aluminum).

Here I use microfiber and polishing paste (Doctor Wax Metal polish). The paste should be applied in small layers on the microfiber and rubbed in sections on the rim of the wheel. Afterwards, make sure that there is no paste left on the lips.

With this simple maintenance you will significantly prolong the attractive appearance of your jdm wheels. I hope I was able to tell you a little about the finer points of using three piece wheels, thanks for reading this blog, see you later!

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